DTF Printer cleaning solution

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Contains Ammonia

Specially formulated to help remove dried ink and stubborn clogs. Best used for stubborn ink on the capping station/wiper blade etc. It may damage print head if left for extended periods of time. To soak your print head use out wet capping/soaking solution.

Can be used on a cloth to clean under printhead, or on a swab to clean around capping station. Do not use to soak your printhead.

For stubborn head clogs can be syringed into the head and left for 30 minutes max, then flush out with our wet capping/soaking solution.

Contains ammonia. You may have heard of the windex method. Use this in place of windex, it's more pure and has less other unessential chemicals. 

Please do your research and ensure you are competent in cleaning the printhead, the printhead is the most valuable part of your printer and is delicate. We cannot accept any responsibility for damaged caused whilst cleaning with our products.