2 in 1 DTF and Sublimation Printer, P5000 17inch Roll printer

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We will deliver and set up in person within 100 miles of Brandon, Suffolk,(further at extra cost) or Pallet Delivery.

A used P5000 printer, refurbished and converted to DTF,  properly flushed and dampers checked/replaced, head properly flushed/cleaned, WIC reset and waste tank fitted, outlet tray and all other necessary modifications for DTF printing.

An ideal printer for dtf, no output tray needed, no need to load film sheets - when used with Acrorip simply hit print, it will automatically print on the roll and automatically cut the film once done, or allow it to print continuously on the roll without cutting. With 10 ink channels, you only need to use a channel for C M Y K + W or a double W channel, leaving 4-5 channels spare, should you lose nozzles one any channel, you have spare channels you can switch to. You could also use the extra channels for speciality inks, such as Fluorescent ink. You could even have a 2 in 1 machine, for regular DTF or UV DTF with 5 channels for each.

DTF printers are prone to head clogs if left standing for a few days with ink DTF ink in. I will provide support in setup and advice on maintenance. The only other thing you will need is software of your choice, it works well with Acrorip 10 or higher which is available from Toucan DTF - We are an authorised Acrorip reseller.

Also included from DTF Megastore is:

  • 500ml Cyan ink

  • 500ml Magenta ink

  • 500ml Yellow ink

  • 500ml Black ink

  • 1000ml White ink

  • 1000g Medium white powder

  • 100m x 40-43cm dtf film roll.

  • 100 Sheets sublimation paper
  • 200ml each CMYK sublimation ink
  • Remote Setup in Acrorip for DTF and Sublimation printing including ICC profiles.
  • Maintenance box chip resetter.

  • Refillable Cartridges with resetter

This item is sold as used items, and modified for a purpose other than intended by the original maufacturer. No manufacturer warranty. Clearance offers are sold without warranty, but will be fully tested before dispatch, you have 7 days to report any defects/damage. You must do your own research, we can recommend forums and videos, but we will also provide support in setting up and using the printer, and regular maintenance - poor maintenance will lead to failure of the printhead. (these cost upto £800 to replace)

This is a very heavy item, it will be delivered on a pallet and requires more than one person to lift it,  Width and depth is Approx 90cm x 85cm


*Current lead time is approx 3 weeks.*