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DTF Printer R3000 Refurbished with ink, powder and film

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Refurbished by us and converted to DTF, it is now properly flushed and dampers checked/replaced, head properly flushed/cleaned, WIC reset and waste tank fitted, outlet tray and all other necessary modifications for DTF printing.

DTF printers are prone to head clogs if left standing for a few days with ink DTF ink in. We will provide support in setup and advice on maintenance. The only other thing you will need is software of your choice, it works well with Acrorip 9.03 or higher which is available from DTF Megastore, We are authorised resellers of Acrorip.

Also included from DTF Megastore is:

  • 100ml Cyan ink
  • 100ml Magenta ink
  • 100ml Yellow ink
  • 100ml Black ink
  • 250ml White ink
  • 200g Medium white powder
  • 25x A3 Sheets film
  • 5x Syringes and needles
  • 10x Cleaning Swabs
  • Power and USB cable.
  • Wooden Film Tray
  • Waste Tank and Pipes
  • Refillable Ink Cartridges
  • Remote Training Please See Here:
  • Postage and packing is included in this purchase, do not select upgrade at checkout.

This item is sold as used items, and modified for a purpose other than intended by the original manufacturer. No manufacturer warranty. We offer an extended warranty (current legal regulations still apply) -  of 90days protection from date of receipt, for failure of printer electronic and mechanical components - excluding printhead, cleaning station or anything else that makes contact with ink or other fluid. Warranty does not cover any physical damaged caused accidentally or deliberately by misuse or lack of maintenance.