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Fluorescent DTF Custom Printed Transfers, Ready to press

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Fluorescent Ready to press high quality DTF transfers

Price is per sheet, fit as much as you like onto the printable area, we can create gangsheets for A3 and A4. A2 size is only for graphics that are larger than A3 (not for gang sheets)

Files must be sent by email,
Graphics must be SVG format. Colours are Fluorescent Yellow, Magenta, Green, Orange, you can have 4 colours plus white, these can be mix of regular CMYK and fluorescent colours, eg, Black, White, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Magenta.

Press with medium-high pressure at 160c for 10 seconds, allow to cool completely, peel film, cover with baking paper or teflon sheet and press again at 160c for 10 seconds. Must be pressed with a heat press capable of applying constant, even pressure, not suitable for use with an iron, or handheld press.