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Fluorescent DTF Ink

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High quality Fluorescent DTF ink.

Fluorescent DTF ink, Great for creating unique clothing ideal for parties/raves etc where there is black/UV lighting.
This is intended for advanced users that understand and know how to use spot colors.
To use fluorescent DTF ink there is a few options.
1.Use a 10 channel printer, set up your printer with channels for example C-M-Y-K-W-W-FY-FO-FG-FM
Print regular DTF with your Acrorip channels set C-M-Y-K-W-W-X-X-X-X
Then to print with Fluorescent switch your channels, e,g, Switch off the channel with your regular Yellow, and set the channel which has your Fluorescent ink to 'Y'ellow
Then anything yellow on your image will print fluorescent, for best results work with a vector in CMYK, set the part of the image to be fluorescent as pure yellow (100% Y), export as PDF of TIF and load into acrorip, having pure yellow will avoid other colours mixing with the fluorescent ink and ruining its effect.
2.Another option is a dedicated Fluorescent printer, using 4 Fluorescent inks and white.
3.Another option is to switch out the inks in the same printer when needed, this is not the best solution, as will need to flush the ink system each time.
No ICC profiles needed for Fluorescent ink, its not a CMYK or RGB so its not possible, its best to use graphics without shading (at least for the Fluorescent parts) to print block colours.
Fluorescent ink is no harder to maintain in terms of cleaning and clogs than any other type of DTF ink.