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P600 DTF Printer, Refurbished

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P600 Converted DTF printer.

Due to high order volume lead time is currently upto 5-7 business days.

Refurbished, They have not yet been used for DTF, but will be filled with DTF ink, primed and tested no more than 12 hours before handing over to delivery service, this is to avoid any head blocking, DTF printers are prone to head clogs if left standing for a few days with ink DTF ink in. But it will be ready to go out of the box. Please research DTF maintenance before purchase, and be sure you are comfortable with the maintenance required. We will provide support in setup and advice on maintenance if required. The only other thing you will need is software of your choice, it works well with Acrorip 10 which is available here: Rip Software

These are fully set up by our technician, calibrated, aligned and tested thoroughly before dispatch. Free delivery includes next day service.

With repair warranty and Full after service support, we advise on every step of DTF printing, We are online 6am to 10pm to help. Our service is the reason for our success.

10% off Acrorip software, we are the authorised reseller of Acrorip in UK - we will send your discount code after purchase of the printer bundle.

Also included from DTF Megastore® is:


  • 2 Sets of cartridges, a set for ink and a set for cleaning.
  • Film out tray
  • Waste Tank and pipes
  • Adjustment Program with Unlimited WIC resets
  • Powder containter/shaker
  • Powder tray.
  • Chipless Firmware Pre-installed
  • Heat Gun
  • 250ml Cyan ink
  • 250ml Magenta ink
  • 250ml Yellow ink
  • 250ml Black ink
  • 500ml White ink
  • 500g Medium white powder
  • 50x A3 Sheets film
  • 250ml Wet Capping Fluid
  • 500ml Flushing fluid
  • 5x Refilling Syringes
  • 10x Cleaning Swabs
  • 1x Gloves
  • 1x Face Mask
  • 1x Goggles
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x USB Cable
  • Postage and packing is included in this purchase, do not select upgrade at checkout.

This item is sold as used items, and modified for a purpose other than intended by the original manufacturer. No manufacturer warranty. We offer an extended warranty (current legal regulations still apply) -  of 90days protection from date of receipt, for failure of printer electronic and mechanical components - excluding printhead, cleaning station or anything else that makes contact with ink or other fluid. Warranty does not cover any physical damaged caused accidentally or deliberately by misuse or lack of maintenance.


We also offer extended returns policy from 14 days to 30 days. You must do your own research, we can recommend forums and videos, but we will also provide support in setting up and using the printer, and regular maintenance - poor maintenance will lead to failure of the printhead. (these cost upto £800 to replace)

There are some things you will need.

1: (most important) Rip Software, Acrorip is recommended. - Printer will not be dispatched until you confirm you have working rip software. Rip Software

2: Your chosen curing method device,  a heatgun, or a heat press, or a DTF oven. DTF ovens are best overall. All methods require some kind of ventilation to avoid fume build up. We advise you to wear gloves, goggles and facemask when handling DTF powder.

3: A heatpress for final pressing onto garment.

4: Reusable teflon sheet, or disposable baking paper.

Why are we so much cheaper than other sellers you may be thinking? Well, we are a primarily a print supplies business, with expertise in desktop DTF printers from our own previous experience. In order to increase sales of supplies we need to help more people in the UK take up DTF printing. We will support you in all your printing needs, in return we hope you will become a loyal customer of DTF Megastore products, (but of course there's no obligation to do so). So we price our printers at a non profit level. 


If you need a full DTF package including oven and heatpress we can help.

If you only need a printer without the trimmings, we can help with that too.


There's many ways to contact us, Facebook, email, live chat etc visit our contact us page for full details. 


Preparation will be at least 3 working days. Printers are dispatched Monday-Thursday only, to avoid long transit time over the weekend.