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Sublimation Prints A4-A2

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Wanna make sublimation transfers of your designs? We gotchu! Send us your image and we'll do the rest. For best results, shoot us 300dpi files. To make an order, check out, then shoot us an email with your pics We'll usually print your files the same day we get 'em. And for the love of all things good, don't mirror the images- we'll do that for you. Just make sure that it's the same size as the sheet(s) you ordered.
Fill the sheet as much or as little as you dare, but leave a margin of about 3-5mm to avoid the image getting cut off. If you've got multiple small designs, it's best to use A4 size pages—it's the cheapest way to go!
Make the most of your postage by ordering in bulk--you only pay a delivery charge once!